A photo of Jennifer Tarjanyi - the director of Fisterra, running a leadership training workshop
The tagline for Fisterra: "Transformation From Within"

The world needs leaders who are prepared to look within. Is your leadership team ready for the total, top-down transformation that comes when they go all in, and do the work?

The work is challenging, but the impact is huge. We help executives evolve into empowered, effective culture leaders, ready to shake up their organisation — and our world — for the better.

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who we are

Founded by leadership and 'Unlearning' expert Jennifer Tarjanyi, Fisterra brings the authentic, powerful transformation of inner work to the leadership development space — drawing on shadow work, our signature 'Unlearning' methodology, and evidence-based practices from the cutting edge of self-development.

We work with leadership teams who are ready to shift who they are, and show up at their full potential. Whether the metrics you’re seeking come from revenue, innovation, performance, or wellbeing, we’ll show you what can be achieved when you look in the mirror, and take the ride.

"Greatest impact in a 27-year career"

"Jen had a greater impact on me than any coach I’ve worked with in a 27-year career. If you are prepared to be really honest with yourself about who you are as a person and a leader, working with someone who will take you to uncomfortable places, but then catch you when you need it, I’d strongly encourage you to work with Fisterra."

- Paul, CCO, Global Pharmaceutical, Paris

"Our partner of choice for life"

"Motivating, authentic, high-energy, passionate and professional are attributes that barely describe Jen, her team, and their capabilities. Jen can take a seemingly impossible task, and empower you and your organisation to make it happen. Working with Fisterra has resulted in innovative, inspiring ideas that hit their mark and hit hard every single time. Jen is a wonderful and highly skilled human, and Fisterra will be our unlearning partner of choice for life."

- Emma, Charity Founder & CEO, London

"Impactful leadership transformation and growth"

"Working with Fisterra has been a great gift. Together in partnership we developed a programme of impactful leadership transformation and growth for a population of leaders we never thought would be able to take the journey. Jen brings a pragmatic approach - taking risks with me when needed, and building on my ideas. Leaders love her authenticity - being who she is, and embodying the work."

- Jennifer, Leadership Director, global beverage company, Prague

how we work

Singular experiences

Actionable, meaningful learning experiences that go to the core of what it means to be a human in leadership. When a leadership team takes on this work together, the results blow us away every single time. This is a path, not only for organisational results, but for deeply personal work that makes a company environment a better place to be.

In-person retreats

Although our courses can be delivered entirely over Zoom, we like to offer in-person retreats in wild, natural, relaxing settings. Getting your participants out of their normal environment and bringing them together somewhere new and inspiring can be a powerful catalyst for change. We have a range of luxury settings we frequently use with our organisations — think treehouse villages and boutique resorts.

Permanent change

When we say this work is foundational, we mean that our workshops support leaders to get real with themselves at every level of their being. From the most vulnerable, to the most empowered. From the most broken, to the greatest potential for healing they can possibly imagine. This is how 'Unlearning' takes root — by creating lasting, meaningful change in both individuals and organisations.

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