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Fisterra exists to guide executives through an empowering, culture-shifting process of discovering who they really are. Leading by example — we do the work ourselves, and use our experiences to support you.

Jennifer Tarjanyi

Speaker, Coach, Facilitator, Storyteller, and the founder of Fisterra — Jennifer Tarjanyi helps people reach their human potential through her signature blend of authenticity, high energy, and total honesty.

Known to her online network as ‘That Unlearning Lady’ — her own commitment to doing the work runs alongside over nearly 15 years in the learning and development space, informing her deep, revolutionary understanding of what modern leaders need in order to evolve.

Specialising in helping leaders dig deep into themselves and unlearn the toxic ways of being that got them to the top — Jen supports the individuals she works with to take a brave step forward and become the creative, connected and compassionate leaders she believes we all are at our core.

A polaroid of the final point of the Fisterra journey

Where it all began

Fisterra came to life on the Camino de Santiago, an 800km pilgrimage route stretching through Galicia, Spain.

Walked for over a thousand years by travellers seeking spiritual growth and an escape from the world, Jennifer felt called to walk the Camino in 2017, following a time of intense burnout and disillusionment, and after a career spanning over a decade in learning, leadership, and culture change.

As well as being the final destination on the El Camino pilgrimage, Fisterra translates to “the end of the earth“ — the place where the earth meets the sea, the 0.0km marker at the end of the trail. Over a challenging 40-day hike with zero previous experience, Jen dug deep, and discovered hidden gold at the end of her own understanding of life, leadership, and identity.

She realised that developing people and organisations would always be her calling. That the greatest magic comes from unlearning everything that isn’t serving us, or the society we live in. And that now was the time to do this work independently — in a way that was truly meaningful for individuals, organisations, and the wider world.

And so Fisterra was created — ready to take corporate leaders on their own difficult but rewarding journey of transformation and discovery. 

A polaroid image of the pilgrim's shell at Fisterra

the team


“This work has resulted in new personal and professional connections, creating an exciting path forward for me”.

Born in the Czech Republic, now living in Suffolk with her partner and their cat —Renata was brought up in a rural setting on homegrown food and communal values, learning how to work well in a team under pressure through her background in dance and theatre.

A natural nurturer and with the ability to spot things others don’t, and draw out areas of growth with ‘high challenge and high care’, Renata has found her home at Fisterra as an ILM Executive Coach, mindfulness teacher, and takes care of  our participant community experiences.

Claire Goodridge

“A business is only as strong as your weakest systems”.

As you can see, Claire is our straight-to-the-point Chief of Headspace and keeps everything at Fisterra running smoothly. She has a passion for self-development and creating a fairer more equitable world having studied Ethnicity, Migration and Social Sciences. She believes that her role at Fisterra allows her to bring this passion together with her ability to get things done!

Claire has an extensive background in implementing operations and systems with prestigious companies.  

Having left the hustle of London, Claire now enjoys finding her own headspace living in rural Northumberland.

Chido Hession

“I have two daughters who have been hugely influential in my drive to work in areas where I can help to improve diversity, equity and inclusion”.  

Chido was born in Zimbabwe and moved to the UK aged 11 years old. Over the last 15 years Chido has carved out a successful career in financial services events, and publishing and most recently on events focused on Women's Private Equity and sustainability.

Chido’s work at on diversity, equity and inclusion at Fisterra sees a return to her passion for psychology, in which she holds a first class degree. Chido’s infectious energy and charisma enables her to guide our participants in digging deep into tough subjects with lightness, humour and compassion.

Ashley Turner

“If we don’t look at the whole person, then we are missing something vital”

Ashley has a life-long fascination with the relationship between the body, mind and our behaviour. After a successful career in hospitality management he made the natural move to formalise his study of human behaviour and natural coaching ability and became a licensed CHEK Institute practitioner, coach and personal trainer.

Ashley specialises in experiential learning, body-based mindfulness practice and breathing technique in his work with Fisterra and holds our participants to a high level of growth, integrity, accountability and humility which he considers to be the core values that organisations and humanity need now more than ever.


“It’s about creating memorable experiences for everyone who attends our events and workshops”

Frankie is deeply passionate about in-person events, with her first foray into event planning being a successful annual cycling event raising thousands of pounds for charity. She then became a fundraiser for the Blue Cross, creating signature events for the charity.

Frankie is now the director of Make Our Day — organising and styling unforgettable weddings. She’s all about the little details that make an event special, unique, and memorable. Frankie lives in Suffolk with her husband and 2 young children, Bluebell and Bertie.

Charlie Black

“There was a time when profit was the only measure of business success. Times have changed”

Charlie is a people-focused business leader with over 14 years' experience in learning and development, change management, and internal communications at board level.

Charlie is an expert in creating learning materials and user-friendly social learning platforms to really imbed the transformational work of our programmes. With her expert knowledge and passion we can create impactful and seamless experiences for participants and stakeholders alike.

Charlie is also a trained Enneagram coach and uses her own experience as a board member to help guide our executive coachees through their own journeys.

Unless we walk the walk, talk the talk, and practice what we preach, our words are going to hold very little strength. And so we are thrilled to have received our Investors in People™ accreditation. For us, this is an important symbol of our dedication to building a thriving workplace culture, and our unwavering belief in the power of empowered people.

We’re honoured to work with the UK’s only non-profit recruitment consultancy. Radical Recruit source the most diverse, unique talent thanks to their deep commitment to equality — advocating for individuals who may struggle to find work due to discrimination and inequity of opportunity in the traditional jobs market.

Creating perfect-fit opportunities for people with a ‘protected characteristic’ — as well as job seekers with diverse life experiences such as homelessness, contact with the care and criminal justice system, domestic violence and abuse, addiction, modern day slavery and so on — they are true pioneers within the recruitment sector. 

We’re excited to watch Radical continue to shake up recruitment for the better — and we value their ability to find the most diverse, hidden talent on the market.

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