Does this sound familiar?

You’re responsible for transforming the people and culture in your organisation. You’ve tried every program out there, but behaviour stays the same. 

You sense there must be something else. Something that goes to the heart of your culture.

And transforms it.

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Shift the subconscious. Transform your culture.

Unfortunately, the programs available to organisations don’t go deep enough.

With just 10% of corporate training being transferred to the workplace — organisations are desperate for transformation initiatives that actually work. Human behaviour is formed over a lifetime. When your organisation needs to shift patterns ingrained through years of experiences, a simple skills workshop is never going to be enough.

This is what people think the solution is:

Soft skills training

Company culture fads

New (but ignored) brand values


the answer to culture change isn’t in skills. It’s in the subconscious.

Fisterra takes individuals and teams on a transformational journey into their unconscious programming. We designed a deep, blended program to hold up the mirror for corporate teams — matching Ivy League research with experiential learning, Jungian psychology, storytelling, and social learning.

Through a combination of evidence-based learning, applied practice, and compassionate support — a real shift becomes possible, with an immediate, dramatic impact on behaviour and relationships.  

Welcome to the
Unlearning Experience

Our flagship leadership journey — bringing together a hybrid approach of transformational in-person experiences, and high impact virtual learning.

1. Launch
The journey begins. Together we’ll take an honest review of the current culture, and plan for the work ahead.

Face-to-face or virtual kick off event
2. Preparation
Stimulating new thought processes, and introducing foundational ideas.

40 days
4 pre-work assignments

3. Immersive Retreat
Experiential learning on retreat in stunning locations. Guiding your team towards significant breakthroughs, immersed in nature.

2 or 3 days
4. Integration
Now the real work begins — applying these perspective shifts and insights to the world of work.

40 days
5. Applied Practice
The shifts we’ve landed on become real in the workplace through experiential assignments, reflections, peer learning, and coaching.

5 webinars
40 days

6. Transition
Once the Unlearning Experience is complete, choose to go deeper with our Integrated Unlearning journey, Unlearning Inclusion, or scale the work outward in the organisation.

We’ve worked with thousands of corporate leaders in over 20 countries

— catalysing culture shifts with individual transformations.

When it comes to culture change bottlenecks, we’ve seen it all before. We have worked with countless organisations who have tried every leadership, culture and D&I programme under the sun.

Once on board with Fisterra — we work to support powerful individual transformations at all levels. Creating culture shifts, lasting behavioural changes, and values-driven leadership for your organisation, and the world.

So don’t just listen to us. This is what our clients have to say:

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"Previous trainings I’ve experienced had very little lasting impact on me or my behaviours. This is real, personal behaviour change that has had a profound impact on my work, and my life."

Global Head of Sales, USA
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"Fisterra created a safe, caring environment for our group to dig deep, understand, question and let go of the limiting beliefs and assumptions that stood in the way of sustainable behaviour change."

Global Head HR Pharmaceutical, Basel
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“Working with Fisterra has been a rewarding and expanding experience.Authentic, and with a great sense of humour — Jen will not ask people to do work she has not done before, which creates both credibility and trust.

Senior Leadership Development Lead – Global Company, Europe 
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