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Many leadership development programs fail to even scratch the surface. We go all in.

how it works

Our Unlearning journeys typically run between 6 to 18 months

Bespoke long-term program for the leaders in your organisation

Co-created with your L&D or HR team for greater impact

Delivered entirely over Zoom or with a blend of in-person and online

Long-term learning and ongoing practices resulting in lasting transformation

Option to include immersive in-person retreats in inspiring natural settings

what we cover

Radical culture change

Emotional Intelligence

Mindful leadership

Inner work training

Shadow work training

Non-violent communication

Authentic storytelling

Team communication

Transformational coaching

Executive & team coaching

the Unlearning experience

Our core 6-month Unlearning journey.

(Journeys can be extended up to 18 months, with tailored learning experiences and 1-to-1 coaching available)

  • 4 intensive webinars over 4 consecutive weeks
  • 2 learning loops of 40 days
  • Face-to-face, Online, or hybrid experiences.
  • Option to condense chapters into a one week retreat

"Opened my eyes"

"As a senior leader in a global pharmaceutical company I was lucky enough to encounter Jen on our Leadership Program, which kick-started the latest phase of my own personal leadership journey. She opened my eyes to some important stuff going on within me and around me. It's quite a gift that she has, to inspire others to be self-reflective, human, open and trusting. I’m now working with her to help build the culture of the teams that I lead."

- Tim, Head of Integrated Business Solutions, Global Pharmaceutical Company, Switzerland 

"One of a kind"

"No matter where you are in your career or life, I highly recommend working with Jen. Her Unlearning method and deep understanding of how we behave is one of a kind. She helped me to understand the deep rooted reasons behind how I operate and deal with emotions. Unlearning with Jen will allow you to see past it and understand it in order to become a better version of yourself."

- Hamed, Business Engagement Manager, Global IT Company, Cardiff

We’re transforming corporate cultures around the world, from within.

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